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You’ve probably wasted enough time already in the residential or industrial electrical contractors in El Paso, TX. Hopefully, finding me will end your search. Give DH Electrical Services a call and we’ll talk about what it is that you need – be it a new installation, emergency repair, or a backup generator. It all starts with a call! Make yours today.

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After such an extensive period spent in reading blueprints, fixing circuits, rewiring, and upgrading service panels, I finally decided to establish my own company and offer my help at an affordable rate.

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Most electrical contractors nowadays know their trade in depth but they lack something essential. The technical part takes years to learn, but the ability to make things easier and more comfortable for the client is where our profession turns into an art. I’ve had the chance to master both. I won’t leave you disappointed or your requirements not met.

How were different

DH Electrical Services isn’t just one of the many big fish in the industry and you won’t be just another client. You will be treated like family. My practice as an electrician in El Paso, TX has allowed me to showcase my work ethic, reliability, technical understanding, and consistent effort. Repairs and installations are a large part of what I do on a daily basis, but I can also help you with useful tips on how to save energy and much more.

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What we Offer ?

DH Electrical Services can offer you a budget-friendly solution to all your residential and commercial electrical needs. I cover properties in El Paso, TX and the surroundings.

Electrical Installations

Electrical installations can vary a lot in nature. Depending on your needs, we’ll advise the most cost-effective solution, in addition to giving you an estimate. The process of adding new electrical elements to your wiring will be split into different stages depending on the complexity of the task. Learn more from our pros!

Service Upgrades

DH Electrical Services is here to save you money in the process of upgrading your electrical service no matter if you are a home or a business owner. If you keep adding electrical devices that increase your power usage, it will be necessary to upgrade your service panel. We specialize in that & are here to help!

Electrical Repairs

A lot can go wrong with your electrical system. Dealing with its malfunctions can be quite complex and unsafe for people without any training. When a professional electrician comes to your rescue, you don’t have to think about anything. From that point on, you get to relax and see the repair completed safely and efficiently.


Finding which component exactly failed to do its job is half of the job done and it’s exactly how our experts in Houston, TX will save your time. Maybe according to a DIY article you read online, you can pretty much diagnose and fix your electrical system on your own, but that could just as well turn out to be a recipe for disaster. We’ll give you a hand!

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